Grit Coaching Options

Grit – Always Reaching Further coaches Logan, Emma and Chris help you to reach further and achieve more whether your goal is breaking into the top tier of elite racing in NZ, make your goal time in a particular event or simply improve fitness and strength with greater direction and purpose. We have 3 main coaching programmes to suit different needs plus one on one and groups sessions.

Premium Coaching

Pro level coaching is for riders want to be sure that the training they are doing is the most effective. Logan will constantly analyse and adjust your training data and training programme based on your needs. Weekly session feedback will help you to learn and improve at a much more rapid rate. 

This Package includes.

  • Goal setting and annual training plan to give you a sense of direction
  • Custom training programme delivered via Training Peaks
  • Weekly analysis and feedback summaries
  • Access to the Grit Academy members area
  • Access to all group training rides, clinics and group training sessions.

Equipment needed to get started.

  • Downloadable cycle computer (Garmin, Wahoo bolt etc..)
  • Heart rate strap and or power meter (Having a power meter helps but not essential)

$260 / Month

Setup Price: $100

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

Womens Coaching

To be effective as a women you cant just train like the guys. Men and women have quiet different physiology as well as different strengths and weaknesses. Therefor our womens training plans are subtle different to the mens programmes.

The Grit Womens coaching package provides womens cycle coaching for all levels and abilities. Emma will Help you stay motivated while you are training for a specific event or wanting to get fitter, faster and stronger.

This package includes:

  • Goal Setting
  • Basic womens specific programme delivered via Training Peaks or Training Tilt Platform.
  • Access to the Grit Academy members area
  • Ongoing support
  • Fortnightly catch up/phone call with Emma

Equipment needed to get started.

  • Cycle computer that at least measures HR, Speed, Distance and Time (Training peaks uses will need Downloadable cycle computer like a Garmin or Wahoo bolt etc..)


$175 / Month

Setup Price: $100

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

Grit Academy

The Grit Academy give you entry into the tools you need to learn, improve and achieve your cycling goals.

Grit Academy gives you access to a basic training programme created by logan plus access to all group training sessions, skills clinics and bunch rides and content created by Grit coach's. 

All content is available with your own log in via the Grit website or Grit App.

You also have access to Grit Academy pre made training programmes, workouts and content on nutrition training and recovery. 

If you want basic level guidance and access to the Grit support network of like minded athletes, this is for you.

If you would like a more one to one level of coaching and feedback checkout our Pro Coaching package.

$90 / Month

Setup Price: $100

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

Premium Consult

The Premium Consult is for someone who is self-coached but wants the guidance of an expert coach to make sure they are on the right track with their training.

This consult includes a 1hour meeting in person or via Skype depending on location. During this time the select coach will analyse your current training, get to know you and your goals and if needed help you set smart goals. 
Within a few days, you will receive an annual plan with guidelines on specific areas of focus throughout the year, including phases of training, types of workouts to focus on, and advice on how to structure your weeks.  This consult will provide you with a road map to go away and fill in the detail and start working towards your events with confidence. 
It is recommended to do a follow-up consult every 8-12weeks. This helps to keep you accountable and allow for any corrections.

What's Included;
- 1x 1hour in person or Skype meeting
- Clear and defined goals with a set of actionable process goals
- A detailed document with specific tips and guidelines to help improve your training. 
- Annual Plan with recommendations on phases of training, when to test and how best to structure training. 
- 1x 1 Month Premium Training Peaks Subscription 
- 1x 1 Month access to the Grit Academy

One time payment of $250

For a membership period of 30 days

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

The Coaches

Logan Mort

Logan brings over 15years of racing experience both domestically and internationally as well as a degree in sport and exercise science from AUT university. Plus Logan has the experience of coaching 100+ athletes to success in National and World age group championships, international stage races, ultra distance events like Trans Continental and hundreds of goals achieved in many other events around the world and in NZ. Logan has ridden just about every event in NZ and knows what is required for all of them.

Emma Hadley

Emma Hadley, the other half of the coaching team, has a real passion for working with female riders to achieve their cycling goals. Along with Mark Taylor from Mt Eden Cycles she has created a womens cycling group which has helped 100's of women get into cycling over the past 3years. Emma loves all things cycling from road biking, off road mountain biking, gravel adventure to ultra distance cycling events (She is the current Womens Taupo Maxi Enduro 630km record holder). Emma offers knowledge and support and will give you the confidence to achieve even the biggest goals.