3D Mobile Bike Fit

Bike fit is one of the most commonly missed aspects of the performance and enjoyment of the bike. With our 3D mobile bike fit service, we aim to make precision fitting more accessible and flexible for everyone. A quality fit can be time-consuming as there are many steps in the process to ensure everything is dialled perfectly based on your unique biomechanics and cycling goals. Bringing the fit to you makes the process easy.

Comfort. Control. Power. Efficiency.  

The 3D bike fit is for road, triathlon, mountain bike or gravel adventurer looking to improve comfort, power and efficiency on the bike. 

The 3D athlete bike interface system paired with Logan’s experienced eye has fitted hundreds of happy customers in all different disciplines of the sport. Logan is also able to bring experience in coaching and racing to the fit process. Teaching you how to interface and handle your machine.

He has a deep understanding of how adjustments affect the comfort, power, aerodynamics and handling of your machine. Your goals as a rider also heavily influence the type of position that will suit you. 

This process is not a cookie-cutter template. No one person is fitted in the same way. Experience and data are used to make sure rider and machine are perfectly matched.

The 3D Athlete Bike Interface includes but not limited to: 

  • Movement and stability assessment 
  • Dynamic saddle height and fore-aft adjustment 
  • Dynamic handlebar/ Aerobar adjustment including lever and hood placement. 
  • Shoe set up including footbed and cleat placement
  • Hip, Knee and ankle alignment 
  • Detailed bike fit measurements and data from the fitting process. 
We normally allow for 2hours to go through the whole fit process once set up.  


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