Premium Consult

$250 One time

For a membership period of 30 days
The Premium Consult is for someone who is self-coached but wants the guidance of an expert coach to make sure they are on the right track with their training.

This consult includes a 1hour meeting in person or via Skype depending on location. During this time the select coach will analyse your current training, get to know you and your goals and if needed help you set smart goals. 
Within a few days, you will receive an annual plan with guidelines on specific areas of focus throughout the year, including phases of training, types of workouts to focus on, and advice on how to structure your weeks.  This consult will provide you with a road map to go away and fill in the detail and start working towards your events with confidence. 
It is recommended to do a follow-up consult every 8-12weeks. This helps to keep you accountable and allow for any corrections.

What's Included;
- 1x 1-2hour in person or Skype meeting
- Clear and defined goals with a set of actionable process goals 
- Annual Plan with recommendations on phases of training, when to test and how best to structure training. 
- 1x 1 Month Premium Training Peaks Subscription 
- 1x 1 Month Grit Membership

$250 One time

For a membership period of 30 days

Currency: New Zealand Dollar


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