Logan Mort 

BSR Exercise Science 

Cycling has been my life since I was a teenager and I am still just as passionate about the sport now as I was all those years ago. Starting out in high school I never felt like I was the most gifted athlete but my early coaches and mentors really impressed upon me the value of focused consistent training. I followed the advice that was given to me and found myself getting stronger and stronger. Cycling became an addiction and all I thought about was learning everything I could about training and racing my bike. 

Fast forward a few years and I had the opportunity to go and race overseas all over the world. Thrown in the deep end and learning as I went along. I learnt from a lot of mistakes, overcame obstacles, bad situations and annoying injuries. I had an absolute blast though and experienced a level of racing very few people get the opportunity to do. 

In between racing I had started a degree in sport and exercise science and found my self getting more and more interested in the science of training and became interested in helping other people gain as much from cycling as I had. I would regularly come across people who seemed frustrated and helpless unable to realise their goals. I started working for a local coaching company while studying and fell in love with coaching others  to achieve their goals and make progress in the sport. 

In 2013 I finished my degree and become a full time coach, still racing and training hard myself. I helped many people with their own goals and honed my craft as a coach. Fast forward to 2016 when I decided to start my own coaching company Grit Coaching. I wanted to create an organisation that put the athletes first with a mix of evidence based guidance and real world experience. In a time when there are more and more coaches out there for people to choose from Grit has grown massively. We have a great group of diverse athletes. Who all support each other which something I am really proud of.