Alex Ray

Performance Cycle Coach

My first year at high school was a great time for me to start cycling. I was only a little teenager, one of the weaker riders and I had no idea about many concepts of performing in road cycling.Being involved with more experienced riders and having impressive competition helped increase my passion to improve, understand more about the sport and make some great friends.I know that cycling can help improve yourself by going on tough solo rides, riding with a bunch of friends and doing local races.Instead of university, I stayed on my bike and simply got more involved, cycling around different countries and challenging my goals. Very quickly I ended up really wanting to become a professional cyclist. 

There are a few wonderful countries I raced in and there are several seasons where I’d been based overseas.I love the sport and I really appreciate being able to help other people increase their fitness and help them fall more in love too.

The attitude needed and the work required to achieve goals with cycling can be quite tough but wanting to improve and develop will only pay great rewards. I don’t see myself as ever giving up on cycling and at the moment I’m really looking forward to working with a handful of people to help them develop and improve themselves as cyclists.